“Gone are the sad days when my thoughts created inner scars. I have lit my inner-self, now smarter, and stronger, thereby securing full control which has opened me to be honest about my weaknesses and feelings. I understand that mental comfort must be achieved through my efforts, I stopped faking it to make it and started to reach out and living positively again -this time much more bold and happier”

– Praem Rambharak

“Mental health is a lot of work, hard work, but ultimately it is worth it. I am 28 years old and I have struggled with depression and suicidal ideation for almost half of my life. I survived two suicide attempts and I am happy to still be here because in hindsight, the things I struggled with that I thought were insurmountable were things that I was able to overcome through my commitment to actively working on my mental health in therapy. After years of struggling with depression and suicidal ideation, therapy finally gave me the answers I needed in the form of diagnoses and more importantly, in the form of strategies I could use to manage my mental health. I am proud to say that I have made so much progress over the years and I share my story with others in hopes that anyone feeling hopeless will see that it isn’t impossible to overcome those difficulties. I was once hopeless myself but I’ve seen the difference therapy can make. I still have bad days but therapy has equipped me with the tools I need to take charge of my life and overcome those bad days.”

– Christopher Martin France